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2018 Women’s Fund Committee Descriptions & Responsibilities

Each committee will be chaired by a member of the Board of Directors. People interested in joining a committee will be invited by the ED or committee chair to attend a meeting. There will not be a formal process for approving new committee members; committee chair will discuss expectations with the interested party and will extend a formal invitation to join the committee.


The Executive Committee consists of current officers of the Women’s Fund, immediate past president at offer of the president, and committee chairs by invitation. The committee is responsible for all major functions of the business of the Women’s Fund including: establishing yearly and long-range goals and timelines, reviewing the strategic plan, budget planning, recruiting and retaining committee members and proposal of nominations of Board and Board officers.

Reggi Johnson, President
Darla Krzoska, Past President
Mary Ann Gschwind, Secretary
Amy Every, Vice President
Brenda Stuhr, Treasurer

Executive Director


The Finance Committee oversees the finances of the Women’s Fund and is chaired by the current year Women’s Fund Treasurer. Responsibilities of this committee include: review and production of financial reports on a quarterly basis, directing funds to investments and endowments as indicated, and annual review of the internal finance, gift acceptance, and investment policies of the Women’s Fund.

Brenda Stuhr, Chair
Terry Crolius
Sue Dillenbeck
Darla Krzoska
Vicki Markussen
Erica Rytilahti

Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee meets quarterly, with event subcommittees meeting monthly in the four months leading up to each individual event and the month following each event. PR committee members are also expected to attend the events meetings to ensure that proper marketing for the event is coordinated.
 Committee will have two chairs – one of Marketing and the other of Events for the year.
 This committee will consist of marketing/media professionals, event planners, graphic design.
 3 sub committees will exist under this umbrella: Purses with Purpose, Spring Fling & Fall Luncheon.
 Promote programming of Women’s Fund.
 Develop annual marketing plan, conduct marketing and public relations of Women’s Fund.
 FB posts, website upkeep, press releases, coordinate appointments for ED to speak with media, marketing materials for organization, success stories, etc.
 Plan and implement annual sponsorship documents.
 Recommend to Executive Committee potential Directors.

Amy Every, Marketing Chair
Laurie Cafe
Kate Weiss
Sarah Ellingson
Vicki Markussen
Debbie Lee
Courtney Daniels

Eileen Carns, Events Chair
Jen Jones
Tina Antony
Marcy Lund
Karen Houlihan
Sue Schultz
Flo Aliesch
Julie Schroeder
Elizabeth McMullen
Darla Krzoska

Community Impact

Serves as the point of contact for grantees.
 Completes follow up reports after meeting with grantees during the annual grant period.
 Reviews new grant applications annually, scores and makes recommendation to Board regarding who to award money to and how much.
 Will develop “project” that WF will take on, such as transportation issue, hygiene, etc.
 Work with community agencies and members to explore and assess the needs of women and girls.
 Supports grantees by attending fundraising and other events.
 Recommend to Executive Committee potential Directors.

Sue Dillenbeck, Chair
Reggi Johnson
Natalie Hartigan
Barbara Kruse
Cheryl Neubauer
Kelly Nowicki
Karla Stanek
Mary Ann Gschwind, FSPA
Leanne Kruse
Maggie McDermott
Peggy Herlitzka
Tammy Wills
Sarah Cash

Resource Development

 Works with ED and President on donor development and stewardship – setting meetings, making thank you calls, donor satisfaction research, etc.
 Work with Public Relations and events subcommittees to secure annual event sponsorships.
 Develop and execute plan to increase endowment assets.
 Encourage women in the community to be philanthropists.
 Concentrate and develops ways to continue to get cash donations, memorials, planned giving, etc.
 All solicitation materials should come from the President and Executive Director with input from Public Relations.
 Conduct monthly thank you calls to donors, with list provided by ED.
 Coordinate meetings between the Executive Director/President and past Board members and people who are able to give substantial gifts.
 Expand other income sources such as businesses and consider a future capital campaign.
 Recommend to Executive Committee potential Directors.

Kenna Christians, Chair
Dyanne Brudos
Debbie Lee
Corry Van Aelstyn
Sandra Schultz
Madelene Buelow