For 25 years, we have aligned people, philanthropy and resources to meet the immediate and long-term needs of women and girls in greater La Crosse. We improve our community by building partnerships and funding area programs serving women and girls.

We work through existing social service organizations and agencies to improve access to education, housing, employment, health care, and other necessities. The programs we support create a space for women to make connections, develop parenting skills, explore new careers
and find safety and stability.

We invest in women because we know the critical impact they have on their children’s lives and our community’s future.

Why it is important

Right now, women are facing job insecurity, inflexible work schedules, limited or no access to childcare, and the skyrocketing cost of housing.. These crises create barriers to selfsufficiency for far too many women and girls. Our economy isnt set up to support and empower women

With the generous support of donors and sponsors, we are able to fund programs that: 

  • Prevent homelessness 
  • Provide hair care and hygiene supplies 
  • Help a woman continue her education or advance her career
  • Promote her physical and mental health
  • Build confidence