A powerful tool for channeling philanthropic support towards specific causes or areas of interest that align with our mission.

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in establishing a Field of Interest Fund with us, contact

Sarah Ellingson at 608-780-5710 or sarah@womensfundlacrosse.org.

A Field of Interest Fund is a great way to make a positive difference in the lives of women and girls. These funds help us address pressing issues and create lasting change in our community while aligning your giving with your values and passions.

By establishing a Field of Interest Fund, you can direct your support to a specific field or issue that’s important to you, such as education, healthcare, transportation, job training, empowerment, and more.

This targeted approach ensures that your gift has a meaningful and lasting impact on women and girls for years to come.

A named fund can be established with an initial contribution of $1,000. Additional contributions to the fund may be made by anyone in any amount at any time. When the fund reaches $10,000 within 10 years, the permanently named fund begins making distributions.

Our Funds

Helen K. Laux Fund

The Helen K. Laux Fund provides much-needed funds to programs that provide education, assistance, economic support, or otherwise offer pathways or remove barriers to entrepreneurship or business ownership. It also provides funding to programs designed to empower women and girls.

This fund honors a beloved small-town Wisconsin woman who embraced daily challenges and triumphs with a generous spirit and unwavering faith. Helen played many roles throughout her lifetime, including daughter, student, worker, wife, farmer, stepmother, mother, businesswoman, community leader, grandmother, mentor and role model. 

The family of Helen wishes to honor and celebrate the journey of small-town midwestern women who do BIG things by encouraging and empowering more women to establish their own businesses and leadership opportunities within their community.