 WAFER – to purchase feminine hygiene products for women using the food pantry
 New Horizons Shelter and Outreach Centers – assistance to eliminate the barriers for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking or harassment and allow them to become self-sufficient
 Western Technical College – assistance for low-income women to obtain their GED and/or pursue higher education
 Women’s Clothes Closet – to purchase socks, underwear and bras and for women who are working or seeking employment
 The Salvation Army – to purchase feminine hygiene products for women who are underemployed and/or homeless
 YWCA of the Coulee Region – to provide employment training for disadvantaged women lacking job skills and self-sufficiency
 Hmong Mutual Assistance Association – La Crosse Area – for a leadership retreat that will address issues affecting women such as self-esteem, traditional gender roles and inequity as well as domestic and sexual violence
 Learning Together Family Literacy – support for a program that allows single teen mothers to move towards self-sufficiency
 The Parenting Place – to provide 150 women and children scholarships to attend the carnival
 Family & Children’s Center – to provide services, promote opportunity, health and self-sufficiency to a single-woman lead family
 UW-La Crosse Self-Sufficiency Program – adult education program to provide refresher courses in math and composition
 UW-La Crosse Self-Sufficiency Program Student Parent Community – for a support network to help student mothers become self-sufficient while advancing through college
 Workforce Connections – to provide a unique opportunity for single mothers to enter a high-paying apprenticeships in the energy sector that will enable them to become self-sufficient
 Hamilton Dance Shoppe – K-5 girls learn dance in a safe, after-school supervised environment
 La Crosse County Community Liaison Program – support for the “Women’s Transportation Fund” to provide assistance to women experiencing transportation problems that impact their ability to be self-sufficient