Laura’s speech is a candid look inside the life of an international journalist, including the importance of exposing critical global issues, the challenges faced in various parts of the world, and what she learned in one of the world’s most reclusive countries. 

The New York Times – Laura Ling

Laura Ling’s Captivity in North Korea

Laura Ling on Imprisonment in North Korea


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Award-winning journalist and TV and web host, Laura Ling, has dedicated herself to exposing the world to critical global issues, including slave labor in the Amazon, women’s rights in the Middle East, and the energy crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa.

She is the host of Conquered on Z Living Network, a series that profiles awe-inspiring people who have broken boundaries to achieve their goals. Her purpose-driven programming for Discovery Communication’s digital network, Seeker, has amassed tens of millions of views online.

Ling has hosted two documentary series airing on the E! Network: E! Investigates and Society X with Laura Ling which investigated topics including bullying and the rise of synthetic drugs. Previously, as correspondent and Vice President of Current TV’s journalism department, Ling created the critically acclaimed investigative documentary series, Vanguard.

Ling’s work has been recognized with numerous awards including an Emmy Award and a national Edward R. Murrow award. She was recently honored with a national Gracie Award, which recognizes exemplary programming created by women, for women.

In March 2009, while reporting on the trafficking of North Korean women, Ling’s personal story became international news after she and her colleague Euna Lee were captured by North Korean soldiers along the China-North Korea border. After 140 days, former President Bill Clinton traveled to North Korea as a special envoy, leading to their release. Ling documented her experience in the memoir, Somewhere Inside: One Sister’s Captivity in North Korea and the Other’s Fight to Bring Her Home, which she penned with her sister, Lisa.

Ling has served as a producer for Channel One News and co-created Breaking it Down, a documentary series that aired on MTV. Her work has also appeared on ABC’s Nightline, NBC, and PBS.

Ling was named one of Glamour Magazine’s Women of the Year in 2009. She is a Service Ambassador for Points of Light, the nonpartisan organization dedicated to solving social problems through voluntary service.