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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of current officers of the Women's Fund, immediate past president at offer of the president, and committee chairs by invitation. The committee is responsible for all major functions of the business of the Women's Fund including: establishing yearly and long-range goals and timelines, reviewing the strategic plan, budget planning, recruiting and retaining committee members and proposal of nominations of Board and Board officers.

Susan Dillenbeck, President
Mary Behrens, Executive Director
Mary Ann Gschwind, Secretary
Darla Krzosla, Vice President
Erin Belby, Treasurer

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the finances of the Women’s Fund and is chaired by the current year Women’s Fund Treasurer. Responsibilities of this committee include: review and production of financial reports on a quarterly basis, directing funds to investments and endowments as indicated, and annual review of the internal finance, gift acceptance, and investment policies of the Women’s Fund.

Erin Belby, Chair
Sue Dillenbeck
Natalie Hartigan
Darla Krzoska
Vicki Markussen
Julie Schroeder
Brenda Stuhr

Marketing and Development Committee

The Marketing and Public Relations Committee oversees of all printed materials, merchandise, news releases, advertising, media relations, web site and social media maintenance that promote the work of the Women’s Fund. They are responsible for the Artist of the Year and Roberta Zurn Award programs.

Amy Every
Wendy Franke, Chair
Wendi Franke, Vice Chair
Mary Ann Gshwind
Jennifer Jahr
Debbie Lee
Vicki Markussen
Rochelle Nicks

Community Impact Committee

The Community Impact Committee assesses the needs for women and girls in the community by developing relationships with various agencies through observation, interview, and collection of relevant data. The committee is generally responsible for the grant application process and provides suggestions and contact information for grant recipient applications.

Jan Gallagher, Chair
Sue Dillenbeck
Natalie Hartigan
Reggi Johnson, Vice Chair
Barbara Kruse
Laurie Landry
Cheryl Neubauer
Karla Stanek
Corry VanAelstyn

Events Committee

The Events Committee organizes and conducts the events that promote the Women’s Fund, and may include such things as setting date, time and location, menu, decoration, invitation list, program, selling of merchandise, silent auction and/or other fund raising related activities held at the event.

Eileen Carns
Karen Houlihan
Kristin Koepke
Darla Krzoska
Sue La Crosse
Julie Schroeder
Sue Schultz
Marcy Lund, Chair
Karla Stanek
Heidi Svee
Jackie Vaver